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Optimizing Partner Integrations

With the heavy-duty industry becoming more and more reliant on software platforms to perform key business functions, the need to coordinate and optimize those systems has become even more evident.  That’s why we’ve put focus on developing and optimizing the way Karmak, our partners, and our development clients interact with data – allowing all parties to operate at the speed of business.

As an experienced leader in the DMS space, Karmak has continued to grow our partnership network to benefit our Fusion clients, with their customers in mind. To make it even easier for partners (and clients) to create data integrations with Fusion, we have published a pre-defined easy-to-consume API Management.

For Application Developers

It's really easy to use Unity Pro to start consuming APIs. With Unity Pro, a development organization can consume any API using a unified REST format that is easy to understand and embed into server applications to power your customer's business needs.

>99.5% Uptime

Dependability. Reliability.

APIs geared to be used for mission critical systems.

>25-28M calls/month

Scalability. Performance.

Vertical scaling to support the expanding needs of our customers

Active API Development

Functionality. Usability.

Active development across all business systems.